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Wasser Schaum

Who we are ?

We are a networking and multichannel, low hierarchy, think-tank-like community based on multi specialized profiles ranking from finance, scientifical, medical, marketing, technical, analytical and lobbying backgrounds to localize, analyses, plan and implement ideas on a world wide scale. Our Group is so varied as the world itself having participation and input in an multi-cultural environment combining all colours, shapes, views and inputs to complete one goal „making a living out of planning a better future for what those who are  coming and every day with a fresh start“

Our Group is organized through freely acting corporations which are only bound by their free will and the common idea that unity makes us strong and gives us the freedom of movement needed to act fast and decisive on an global playground participating, between others :

As you can see this is a wide range of  fields and do not include all and any activities of our group. This landing page you are looking on is build to add another expertise to our range and goals. Cleaning up the environment, winding back worlds pollution and to envision, plan, create and develop Hydrogen production, economy and logistic on a world wide scale where ever we can find, analyses and having the technical and financial feasibility for such projects mostly in developing countries helping by these means to create wealth, jobs, infrastructures and sustainability.

About us: Unser Profil

Responsible for the Hydrogen developments in our chain:

​Mag. Thomas F. Blinne

CTA, European Representative CENEC South Africa

+ 49 179 472 5138


About us: Team
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