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The Players & Partners

The Players & Partners: Projekte

In the Graphic on the left side you can see volumes and players on the value chain side the part of a business which is directly involved in the manufacturing processes or to supply the same.

The Players & Partners: Bild

Below you can see the so called „cross cutting players“ which are substantially not involved in the production and used to ensure the procurement, supply, planning and compliance with policies in order to have a solid and feasible preview and implementation of envisioned projects.

Here is where we are coming into the game, combining our knowledge and links to the manufacturing industry with the experience and understanding of a vast intellectual work force being linked on a world wide scale while having also focus on the national possibilities of each country going into production, trade, service or linking in between the players to build up a market as big is it was with oil in the 1920´s

The Players & Partners: Text
The Players & Partners: Bild
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